This is the first part of our two-episode conversation discussing which books individuals should read at different parts of their career.

In this episode, we discuss the characteristics of the best business books, the sort of material one might read at different stages of life, and how to realize lasting value from what we read.

Special guests Larry Gennari, Alex Graham, and Alison Jones join us to discuss:

  • The importance of reading for any aspiring business leader
  • The difference between great books and those that are less valuable
  • Why history books and biographies are often better than “business books”
  • Their favorite books (and why they make the list)

Alison Jones has more than 25 years of experience with leading publishers. She’s also the founder of Practical Inspiration Publishing & host of The Extraordinary Business Book Club podcast. Alison has written and edited several books, including This Book Means Business.

Larry Gennari is a co-founder of Gennari Aronson, LLP. He’s also the chief curator for Authors & Innovators, and writes a regular column about business books for the Boston Business Journal.

Alex Graham is an investment banker with over 30 years’ experience. He was previously on the board of the Writers’ Trust of Canada, and is the creator and leader of a popular book club for business leaders in Toronto.

Books mentioned in Part 1:

Books mentioned in Part 2:


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