As one of our guests observed, corporate governance “used to be a sleepy backwater. Now, it’s on the front pages of the papers all the time.”

This is the first part of our two-episode conversation in which we explore how corporate boards are evolving to address new challenges.

In this episode, George Anderson, Amy Borrus, and Megan Shattuck join us to discuss:

  • The purpose and design of corporate governance practices
  • Board and management responsibility toward stakeholders
  • Corporate governance evolution
  • Challenges of the current governance model

George Anderson is a Consultant at Spencer Stuart, where he advises boards and conducts director searches. He also leads the firm’s Board Effectiveness Services in North America.

Amy Borrus is deputy director of the Council of Institutional Investors, where she plays a lead role in developing the Council’s strategy and policies on corporate governance, along with outreach to stakeholders and policymakers.

Megan Shattuck is the President of Talent Advisory practice at Teneo where she counsels clients on a wide range of matters including board effectiveness and board succession planning.


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