Conference Based Executive Networks

Conference Based Executive Networks

SkyBridge works with sponsors to convene invitation-only meetings for 8–12 clients and prospects during major industry events. No presentations, panels, or grandstanding. Just private, facilitated conversations that executives should be having, but are not for whatever reason. These meetings are typically held over breakfast or dinner.

To learn more, Meet Pete.

Pete found a better way to glean market insights and strengthen key relationships through conferences. …it’s called a Conference-Based Executive Network.

Industry Conferences: Big Cost, but Limited Value?

Pete always left conferences feeling frustrated. His biggest clients and prospects were all there, yet he rarely had a meaningful discussion with more than a few of them. As VP of Sales and Marketing, Pete yearned to speak candidly with clients – not to promote the latest product release, but rather to strengthen executive-level relationships and identify new and unaddressed market needs.

Pete’s company used to sponsor panels, create elaborate exhibits, host cocktail parties, arrange entertainment, and hand out gift bags. These tactics were expensive, but they often felt superficial or off-brand. Pete needed a new approach.

A Good Time for a Great Conversation

Pete now looks forward to conferences. So do his clients. Their meetings offer a valuable window into competitors’ moves and emerging market needs. Just as importantly, Pete and his colleagues feel connected to their most important clients in a new way – like fellow members of an exclusive club that meets regularly for conversations they can’t have anywhere else.

Working with SkyBridge Associates, Pete started to convene a select group of clients during major industry conferences. Not to talk at them, but to listen to them. With more than 14 years leading executive and board-level networks, SkyBridge was the ideal partner to help build and sustain a distinctive Conference-Based Executive Network program.

The protagonist in this account is a composite, drawn from conversations with many executives. 


At SkyBridge, we believe that big challenges can only be addressed successfully by building trust and asking great questions. We are passionate about designing and leading distinctive executive communities, where members identify and discuss powerful questions that shape their organizations, their industries, and their careers.

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"I have found [the network to be] quite helpful, not only to discuss issues of common interest, but also to develop personal friendships which enable me to call my counterparts at various firms."

“Thank you for the insightful questions and discussion leadership in our meetings. I am always able to learn new perspectives and come away from the meetings with new ideas to try out in real world situations.”

“I have enjoyed every meeting I attended and must tell you that the quality and professionalism of those meetings were exceptional.”

“Once again, this forum got me thinking about different ways to approach my job and I think most others find it helpful in the same way.”

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