Perry Lane

Perry Lane | Co-Founder and Partner

Perry is a co-founder and partner at SkyBridge, where she provides strategic insight and co-leads peer networks for private equity firm general counsel and other senior executives.

Perry is passionate about entrepreneurial ventures, as founder of Nantucket Baby and advisor to Maison Etoile. She also serves in a leadership capacity with her family’s business, Barlow Designs, Inc., a top-rated manufacturing company with international wholesale distribution.

During her undergraduate years at Harvard, Perry worked in the Harvard Admissions Office and served as president of the Harvard Club of Rhode Island. She was elected captain of the varsity women’s lacrosse team and volunteered for ECHO, an on-campus peer counseling organization.

Perry holds a BA in Government from Harvard College. A native of Barrington, Rhode Island, she enjoys skiing, piano, spending time with her family, and cheering on New England’s sports teams.


At SkyBridge, we believe that big challenges can only be addressed successfully by building trust and asking great questions. We are passionate about designing and leading distinctive executive communities, where members identify and discuss powerful questions that shape their organizations, their industries, and their careers.

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"I have found [the network to be] quite helpful, not only to discuss issues of common interest, but also to develop personal friendships which enable me to call my counterparts at various firms."

“Thank you for the insightful questions and discussion leadership in our meetings. I am always able to learn new perspectives and come away from the meetings with new ideas to try out in real world situations.”

“I have enjoyed every meeting I attended and must tell you that the quality and professionalism of those meetings were exceptional.”

“Once again, this forum got me thinking about different ways to approach my job and I think most others find it helpful in the same way.”

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