How Do We Create Value?

How Do We Create Value?

SkyBridge networks support the needs of executives whose industries, companies, jobs, and careers are evolving rapidly. Over time, network members exchange ideas, explore shared risks and opportunities, and enjoy the benefits of a supportive peer community. The focus is on creating and sustaining a robust peer network (a noun), not networking (a verb).

Peer cohorts sometimes try to meet ad hoc, yet few of these groups endure on their own. Executives rarely have the time, resources, or expertise to identify an appropriate cohort, extend invitations, arrange logistics, lead robust discussions, and sustain the community over time. SkyBridge provides the right tools, systems, and personnel to help executive peer networks thrive.

Many of our networks are designed to serve the needs of sponsors as well as members. Sponsors often have limited visibility into clients’ challenges, desires, beliefs, and constraints outside their work together. Networks offer an efficient, effective way to gain proprietary market insights and enhance valuable relationships. After all, there are few other ways to spend six hours at a time with important clients, three times a year, indefinitely.

In addition to meaningful (but non-measurable) benefits like “brand enhancement” and “better relationships,” network sponsors routinely enjoy hard/financial returns on their investment. Over time, sponsors typically:

  • Acquire new clients. Networks almost always include both current and prospective clients.
  • Retain existing clients. Sponsors avoid defections by reinforcing their commitment and creating a regular touchpoint to address issues before they escalate.
  • Reduce pricing pressure. Clients who enjoy close relationships with vendors are less likely to squeeze margins. They are also more likely to give the benefit of the doubt when conflicts arise.
  • Expand client share of wallet. Clients may not be fully aware of a vendor’s capabilities. Sponsors often find new ways to serve client needs with their existing portfolio of products and services.
  • Identify new ways to serve market needs. By listening carefully to their clients, sponsors identify new offerings to satisfy previously unknown “jobs-to-be-done.” Moreover, these solutions can be deployed across the entire market, not just the network.

Sponsoring a network also sends a powerful, unspoken message to clients: We care about you, and want to support your success. It is about listening, not pitching. Sponsors offer something of value with little asked in return. This builds trust and generates goodwill.


At SkyBridge, we believe that big challenges can only be addressed successfully by building trust and asking great questions. We are passionate about designing and leading distinctive executive communities, where members identify and discuss powerful questions that shape their organizations, their industries, and their careers.

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"I have found [the network to be] quite helpful, not only to discuss issues of common interest, but also to develop personal friendships which enable me to call my counterparts at various firms."

“Thank you for the insightful questions and discussion leadership in our meetings. I am always able to learn new perspectives and come away from the meetings with new ideas to try out in real world situations.”

“I have enjoyed every meeting I attended and must tell you that the quality and professionalism of those meetings were exceptional.”

“Once again, this forum got me thinking about different ways to approach my job and I think most others find it helpful in the same way.”

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